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Quick note to all you Black Friday shoppers out at the stores/online today… if someone is selling you a HUGE “HD” TV for $100, it won’t be working by next Black Friday. Anyone who can sell you a TV at 90% off is either going out of business, or selling you a piece of shit.

First, make sure that “HD” TV deal, is actually for a high-definition TV. 720p is NOT high definition. I don’t care how large the screen is - in fact, the larger it is, the worse it will look - 720p is not. high. definition. So don’t settle for anything less than 1080p.

Second, resolution isn’t the only factor to consider: What’s the contrast ratio? This is important if you’re a film buff, the higher the contrast ratio, the better/more detailed your picture will look. What’s the refresh rate? You don’t want anything lower than 120 hertz… This is important if you watch a lot of action films or (ugh) sports where there is a lot of movement in every scene. Is it Wi-Fi capable (meaning has a wireless receiver built in), or is it only “Wi-Fi Ready” (meaning you have to buy a wireless receiver and install it yourself)?

Finally, is it a brand you know? A Panasonic or Toshiba TV is going to last you for years. An Emerson TV might give you a few months.

Things are not bargains unless you’re going to get some real, quality use out of them. I’ve had so many friends get burned by “deals” like this in the past, don’t fall for it, you’ll regret not spending a little more and getting something you actually enjoy looking at.

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