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The DFTBA warehouse is moving! Yes, again. 15 months ago we moved from our 1,000 sq ft warehouse to our current 3,000 sq ft warehouse. But, excitedly, sales were up double digit percentages in 2012 again, for the forth year in a row, and we added a number of new artists.

So we are ditching our current 3,000 sq ft warehouse in IL for an 8,000 sq ft warehouse in Montana! Hopefully these 8,000 sq ft will allow for some growth for many years to come. Hank has assembled an amazing team out in Montana who work on everything from ecogeek to P4A to Lizzie Bennet to SciShow… and they will now also be overseeing the DFTBA warehouse.

Kristen and I are not moving to Montana with the warehouse. With Kristen’s time no longer being spent at the warehouse, she is getting a promotion to Project Manager. She’ll be taking a number of artists away from me to manage on her own, developing new product ideas, handling merch for their tours, and all kinds of fun stuff that now currently overwhelms me.

This is all very good news. But it does mean we’ll have to shut the site down for about a week while we move all of our inventory across the country and get set up in our new warehouse. So if there is anything you want from, you should order soon. If all goes according to plan, we will stop taking orders on Jan 27th, and resume taking orders on Feb 4th. We will not be able to process any orders for the week we are shut down and moving.

We’ve been slowly packing up some bulk merch, and inventorying some other stuff, getting ready for the move. In fact, while working on poster inventory we found a few left over posters signed by John, and a couple posters signed by both John and Hank. We listed them on the site today, but they are super limited, we don’t have more than 100 of any one design. So if you missed out on those, you should grab ‘em today. Plus the DFTBA wristbands are back in stock, we got a fresh second printing of Hannah Hart’s DVDs back in stock, along with a new shipment of Evil Baby Orphanage card game decks.

This whole DFTBA thing has been a wild ride. Thank you guys so much for helping us make and grow a really awesome place to sell really awesome stuff. Hard to believe what started in my bedroom four years ago will soon occupy a quarter of a city block in Montana. =)

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    Totally ordered 2 prints, This was a good sales tactic. I’m going to frame them for my office in the new house I think...
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    just impulse bought THE HELLLL out of a keep calm and dftba double green bro signed posterrr!!! can’t waiiiiiit!!!!!!!...
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    IF WE CAN GET PIZZA, SURE ^_^ Also, all this is super exciting, it’s going to be an amazing year
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