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The third episode of The Art Assignment was released this week and artist Toyin Odutola challenged us viewers to gif something that is intimate and indispensable to you.

For me that would be, of course, music. Music has been my coping mechanism my entire life, from a rough childhood, to young adult break-ups, to the stress of running my own business… I put my headphones on or pick up my guitar and all of the bad stuff melts away.

So I made a little gif set that features Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, one of my favorite albums and the album that has inspired so much of my own original music. My headphones, my second home. My guitar, not the first instrument I ever picked up, but the one I’ve written the majority of my original music on. And a set of VU meters from Cubase, my recording software of choice since high school.

All of these brief moments above are indispensable to me. And every private conversation I have with songwriters from Kurt Cobain to Trent Reznor to Tori Amos are as intimate as you can get. Mini confessionals told with backing harmonies.

I love it…

Click here to read more about this gif set and view some ‘behind the scenes’/’making of’ photos on my blog.

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